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The Story Behind Oakcrest Bakery

Hey, everyone! My name’s Laura and I’m the owner and creator of Oakcrest Bakery. I have a love for baking and I love sharing my creations with people. For me, the best part of baking is making people happy and giving them a product that’s not only delicious, but also a treat for the eyes.


Michelle Lippert Photography

Growing up, baking wasn’t really a major activity in my house. Sure, we loved baking chocolate chip cookies (and eating half the dough, because – baked or unbaked – cookies are delicious), but apart from that, desserts were either bought from the store or we simply didn’t eat them.

When I got to college, one of my best friends convinced me to go volunteer at an organization called Sweet Blessings (Lexington, KY). It’s an organization that makes birthday cakes for kids who live in poverty, have terminal illnesses, or have other circumstances that don’t allow for them to get a birthday cake. It wasn’t too hard to convince me to go – she’d been bringing back (amazing) cake scraps for weeks and told me I could bring home some of my own if I came.

I was hooked on my first day. All the cakes are made by volunteers, from baking to decoration. Those who decorate are given a sheet that says the child’s name, their age, and any interests they have (Star Wars, Lego, makeup, etc) and they have free reign from there to design. I kept coming back as often as I could. I realized how much I loved doing something where I could see the results of my work at the end. It was also a great creative outlet for me. I learned a lot of techniques there that I’ll always be grateful for.

After college, I married my husband and moved with him to the Chesapeake, VA area. I was really enjoying baking anything and everything (I love testing out new techniques), but it was getting a little expensive to keep baking lots of things for only my husband and I. I posted something on Facebook about how I’d love for someone to give me an excuse to bake and I actually got a response! One of my husband’s coworkers was getting married and his fiance wanted me to make their wedding cake! It was an amazing and terrifying opportunity, but I’m so glad I did it. That experience has made my itch to bake even stronger.

It’s been a few years since I made that cake, and after making some more cakes and desserts for friends and family, I made the decision to start my own home bakery. So, thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy!

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