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Holiday Macarons!

It's my favorite time of year: time for the Holiday Macaron Box! I always have fun coming up with the flavors to include in the box and this year is no exception! This year, the flavors are:

~Cranberry Almond (Red)~

~Sugar Plum (my favorite from last year) (Pink)~

~Eggnog (White)~

~Sugar Cookie (made with gluten free flour) (Green)~

~Spiced Orange (Gold)~

~Hot Chocolate (Brown)~

This box is available in a dairy-sensitive version, as well!
Another reason the Holiday Macaron Box is my favorite: 30% of sales are donated to charity! This year, I'll be donating to Greater Lansing Food Bank. So,  while you enjoy a delicious macaron this season, you can also feel good knowing you helped to give others the chance to have a fantastic holiday meal.
Checkout below to order your macaron pack! Pickup will be at Sparrow Bloom (316 N Cedar St, Lansing, MI 48915) on 12/20 between 4-6pm, conveniently when I'm there for my pop-up, so you can stock up on other goodies, too! The last day to preorder is December 15th, so don't miss out!
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